Robbie and Bernice

Robbie and Bernice

Well, it’s Wednesday morning, and I am racing around, as usual.  I am hurrying, because I seem to run late even if Angel (my cat) gets me up early.  This is my day to visit the nursing home where I volunteer, and though one might consider skipping that week, I know I won’t, because it is one of my favorite days!

I drive to the nursing home, sometimes getting the green lights, and I start hoping I will find a parking place. Oh, yes! There is one left.

I get out of the car knowing I will probably see one particular resident, Laura, outside the front door, sitting in her wheelchair.  She is there most days when the weather is nice.  Maybe it’s her thinking place.  She always greets me with a smile as I say hello.  This is such a good start to my visit.

When I get inside, I see more residents (many in wheelchairs), and other volunteers.  We all greet each other, and talk about what the plan is for the day.

There seems to be a lot of activity in the halls, dining room, and front entry area.  It is good to see so many of the residents not spending the day in bed (unless they are unable to be up and about).

My favorite activity is when we do “Storytellers’ Society.”  One of our volunteers brings in a book (many of an historical nature), and, for about 45 minutes, we read to the residents and often talk with them about the book.  Many of them seem to enjoy it, and I do, as well.  It is often like taking a history refresher course.

Another week it is poker time/Texas Hold ‘em.  This is also a popular event, and includes the winner keeping a special trophy for the month.  Sometimes it gets a bit competitive.

Just visiting the residents is also special.  We all sit down and talk in the dining room, or go to the residents’ rooms and do some one-on-one time. They seem to like this and it is not only good for them, but we leave feeling good about it, too.  Just knowing someone cares enough just to say hello can make a positive difference in someone’s day.

As I am now the same age as many of these residents, I realize how important this caring and sharing is. I am lucky to have family close by, but many of the residents either don’t have family or they live too far away for frequent visits.  For this reason, I will keep going as long as I am physically able, in hopes I can make somebody’s day just a little brighter—maybe even my own!