Date the Weekly Reflection was first submitted: 11/02/2019

Name: Sophie Sanchez

Nursing Home: North Florida Rehab and Specialty Care

Date of visit:

Length of visit: 1.5

1. The reading for this week talked about being present with the people we are visiting at the nursing home. Being present means we leave our troubles behind, we don’t look at our watch or phone every few minutes, and we listen like a true friend. Is it difficult for you to be present with those at the nursing home? In what way could you improve?

I don't find it hard to be present while visiting residence at the nursing home. I like to keep in mind that I am only there for a short period of time and that it is only fair if I give my undivided attention when I am with them. I think a way I could improve is by not paying attention to what is on the TV when I am visiting a resident

2. Have you met a resident or residents that you plan to visit weekly yet? If so, what has helped you to connect to them so far?

I have consistently visited the same three residents for the past three weeks. I connect with them by asking about their week and also learning new things about their experiences or past.

3. Are you able to relax while you visit people at the nursing home, or is it still somewhat scary or uncomfortable? (Be honest — most volunteers tell us it took them 4 or more weeks until they truly felt at ease.)

I wouldn't necessarily say I am completely relaxed but I am usually calm. Today was a little different since there was a resident screaming very loudly in pain for a majority of my visit. I tried to block it out and focus on the resident I was talking with at the moment but it was in the back of my mind. Since I have visited nursing homes before, it wasn't bothering me too much.