Date the Weekly Reflection was first submitted: 02/26/2020

Name: Sophia Sanchez

Nursing Home: North Florida Rehab and Specialty Care

Date of visit:

Length of visit: 1

1. The reading for this week was “Don’t Come” by Myrth Hudgins. Do any of the feelings expressed in the reading apply to the residents you visit? For example, maybe they are bitter or untrusting, or have receded from reality. How do you deal with their limitations?

I am very fortunate that none of the residents I visit with relate to the feelings expressed in the reading. Perhaps sometimes one person may seem bitter that day due to their feeling of exclusion and lack of attention from staff. If this happens, I try to talk about things that I know he/she enjoys and keep the conversation positive.

2. The nursing home resident in the “Don’t Come” story seems to think he or she has nothing to offer you, their visitor. Do you agree? What have you found they have to offer?

I do not agree but I think that many residents may feel this way. I have found that the residents I visit have plenty to offer. Our conversations bring about laughs, insight, and wisdom. The few people I speak to on a weekly basis have taught me much more than they might have thought.