Ms. Flowers, Ms. Erin, and Peter

(Written by Peter when he was in 5th grade)

I have been visiting nursing homes with Friends Across the Ages since I was born, and still visit to this day! Because of this and because the residents are kind and friendly, it has always been an important part of my life.


My experience at the nursing homes has changed a lot over the years.  For example, I have gotten more comfortable going to the nursing homes. I mean, there is always some uneasiness going to a nursing home.  But you get used to coming over the years and don’t think of the uneasiness as much. Another change is that we visit different people over the years as residents come and go.  When a person we know dies, we try to go to their funeral. I truly feel sad when one of our friends passes away.

Favorite Things

I used to enjoy visiting Ms. Doris and Ms. Rhunette.  Ms. Doris would go all hugs and kisses when we saw her, and Ms. Rhunette would usually say to my dad, “Hey Steve, you got your kids there?”  Today, my favorite people to visit are Mr. Donnie and “Queen” Victoria. I like them because Mr. Donnie always pays close attention to what I’m saying, and “Queen” Victoria is always offering me lollipops and drawings of flowers that she made. Some of my favorite Friends Across the Ages events are Luau Bingo nights, drum circles, and spring volunteer appreciation parties.   I have enjoyed meeting all of the Friends Across the Ages volunteers over the years. Two of my favorites are Ms. Heather and Ms. Erin, especially because they used to babysit me, and are always very friendly to me.

Importance to Me and the Residents

Visiting the nursing home is important to me because I like to see the smiles on the residents’ faces when we visit them.  I think the residents really appreciate our visits, and it makes me feel good to see them looking happy.  If I grow up and end up in a nursing home, I hope that children will come to visit me, too.