Brooke and Maggie

My name is Brooke and I am a Friends Across the Ages volunteer at Signature Healthcare center. I began volunteering a year ago with my friend Kristina where we met other volunteers, Kim and Andrew. They have been such great role models and really take the time to get to know us and make us feel welcomed.

We have met many wonderful residents but one of the most notable to me is Mrs. Maggie. It is always so uplifting to be around her positive spirit and hear stories about her son, the archaeologist. Maggie is a constant reminder to me that we can choose happiness. Something I admire most about her is how small things such as feeding the squirrels or reading a magazine bring her such joy. Each week, our visit is concluded with Maggie smirking and telling us “Alright now y’all behave this week.” For you Mrs. Maggie, we promise we will.