Allison and Annie

Annie and I first became friends over coloring books. Annie used to love to color, but she has severe arthritis, so when her hands got tired, she liked to have me finish her pictures. As the months passed by, she eventually got tired of coloring, so we just started sitting around and talking. Annie likes to tell stories about when she was a little girl living out in Hawthorne. She always begins her stories with “In them days and times…” She also loves reciting her favorite rhymes. In return, I tell her my favorite (corny) jokes.

Annie is a true friend. I know she really looks forward to our visits, as do I. When I have to be out of town for some reason and can’t come to see her, I know she misses me. And I miss her too. I thank God every day for sending this wonderful lady into my life. With her multicolored hats and brightly painted fingernails, Annie is someone who really brightens up a room. And she certainly has brightened up my life.