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Volunteer Application

Why volunteer?

Gainesville, Florida, home to the state’s flagship university, is perceived by many as a “college town”.  Yet there is another side to Gainesville: a richly diverse community which includes wonderful small-town folks who have lived here for generations.  In their later years, some find themselves at one of the city’s nursing homes. Friends Across the Ages is the only program in Gainesville, and one of the few in the nation, which focuses entirely on volunteering in nursing homes.  We are dedicated to forming true friendships with socially isolated residents of nursing homes, to enrich their lives and ours.  Our primary focus is the recruitment, training, and support of one-to-one visitors.

So why volunteer with Friends Across the Ages?  Here are three good reasons:

  1. You are needed. What you may find when you visit a nursing home is that the people there have one problem in common: loneliness. In only one hour a week, you can restore hope, dignity, and sense of belonging. You will be a connection to the “outside world”. Over time, you may become a friend and confidant.
  2. You will benefit. Our friends at the nursing home enrich our lives in many ways—by sharing their stories of times and places we may not have experienced, by their appreciation of the little things, and, most of all, by offering their friendship and love.
  3. You will be supported. For our local volunteers, we provide a structure in which you have the opportunity to meet with other volunteers regularly, and have the benefit of a mentor to help you get started. We also offer training material and tips through our website.  Wherever you are on volunteer journey, we will support you along the way.

Ways to volunteer


Visit with nursing home residents one-on-one, but be part of a volunteer group that meets at the nursing home at the same time, to support each other.



You’ll visit the nursing home on your own schedule, but without the support of other volunteers.



If you belong to a club or organization that wants to come out to the nursing home as a group, we can tell you how to get that set up.


Local Events Calendar

Directions to Gainesville Nursing Homes

Friends Across the Ages Office–2233 NW 41st Street, Suite 700-G, 32606

The Friends Across the Ages office is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  It is located in the office complex just behind the bank on the corner of NW 16th Blvd and NW 41st street (near Fresh Market).  After entering the parking lot, it’s the first building/door on the left (but feel free to park anywhere in that lot).

North Florida Rehab and Specialty Care–6700 NW 10th Place, 32605

This facility is located near North Florida Regional Medical Center.  There is some parking in front of and just to the side of the building.  Enter through the main entrance (the door closest to NW 10th Place).

Parklands Care Center — 1000 SW 16th Ave, 32601

Parking can be a challenge at this facility.  There is small parking out in front of the building (on SW 16th Ave) and another behind the building.  There is also parallel parking on the side street next to the facility (SW 10th Terrace).  Do not park in any of the nearby apartment complexes or you may be towed.

Park Meadows Health and Rehab–3250 SW 41st Place, 32608

There are two small parking lots at this facility; either is fine.  The main entrance is located off the 2nd parking lot as one travels east on SW 41st Place.

Palm Garden of Gainesville–227 SW 62nd Blvd, 32607

Parking can be found in the front and sides of this facility.  Main entrance is located on the south side of the building.

Plaza Health and Rehab–4842 SW Archer Rd, 32608

This is a new large facility on Archer Road, with plenty of parking.  Main entrance is the door closest to Archer Road.

Signature Health Care–4000 SW 20th Ave, 32607

The main entrance is located on the side of the building as one enters the parking lot.  Parking can be found on the side of the building before the main entrance, and also around the back.

Terrace Health and Rehab–7207 SW 24th Ave, 32607

The entrance to the parking lot is a little west of the building, close to the Walgreens.  Turn left after entering the driveway to get to the parking lot.  The main entrance is the one closest to SW 24th Ave.