Date the Weekly Reflection was first submitted: 01/22/2020

Name: Sophie Sanchez

Nursing Home: North Florida Rehab and Specialty Care

Date of visit:

Length of visit: 1

1. The reading for this week talked about being “unwanted”. Have you found out anything about the families of the residents you’ve been visiting? Do they have any family members who visit them?

I have found out a little bit about the resident's families. Some of them have kids that only visit once a year which makes me sad. I know that they each have their own life but I wish they would keep in contact with their parents more often. Also, a lot of the residents spouses have passed so their kids are all they have.

2. If you visit someone who does receive other visitors, what do you think is unique about the friendship you can offer to them? What signs have you noticed that your visits are meaningful to the resident(s) you visit?

One of the residents we visit is named Robert. He has another visitor every couple of weeks that brings him magazines. I think it is important that we offer a different perspective when we visit him. Maybe he feels like he can talk to us about different things than he can with the other visitor. He always asks me how school is going when I visit with him which is a meaningful sign to me.