Date the Weekly Reflection was first submitted: 11/20/2019

Name: Sophia Sanchez

Nursing Home: North Florida Rehab and Specialty Care

Date of visit:

Length of visit: 1.5

1. Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes by all the loneliness at the nursing home? If so, what helps you to deal with this?

I wouldn't say I feel overwhelmed but witnessing the loneliness some may feel makes me view my life in a new perspective.

2. What do you think about the way we treat people who are elderly in America? What concrete steps can we as a society take to reach out to those who are elderly and/or disabled?

I'm actually minoring in disabilities in society and I think this is a really important topic for the youth to be educated on. The elderly and people with disabilities are very valuable to Society as a whole and I don't think we give this group of people enough respect or opportunity. I think a lot has to do with the stigma that is associated with PWD and the elderly. If we educate others I think it will easier for others to reach out.