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Through Your Hands

Did you know that Friends Across the Ages has an official theme song? I bet you didn't (probably because I never told you). I have to give Allison credit for introducing me to this wonderful song some years ago...

Reflection 2: A Crabby Old Woman

Reflection #2 A Crabby Old Woman The following poem appeared when an elderly lady died in the geriatric ward of a hospital near Dundee, Scotland. It was believed that she had left nothing of value. The nurses, going through her possessions, however, found the following poem. Its quality so impressed the staff that [...]

Reflection 1: Orientation Information (replace with something else?)

Reflection #1 Orientation Information Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce nec feugiat ligula, ut dictum diam. Sed ullamcorper mauris a turpis posuere fermentum. Vivamus laoreet elit tellus, id hendrerit sapien vulputate sollicitudin. Sed vitae mi nec leo convallis sagittis. Integer hendrerit maximus lorem, eu eleifend dolor porta nec. In rutrum [...]

Tips for Selecting a Nursing Home

Tips for Selecting a Nursing Home We know this can be a stressful decision.  As volunteers, we spend a lot of time in nursing homes and know what to look for.  We hope these tips will help you. 1) Think about what the priorities are.  If you are making this [...]

John and Rhunette

When I visit Rhunette at the nursing home she is usually in bed with the cover pulled up over her head. I always say: “Rhunette, are you in there?” She then looks out and says “Hi, it’s nice to see you!”

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